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Lucia Toffanin

At the age of 21, due to a time of deep grief, Lucia Toffanin suffered from a state of partial paralysis, from which she slowly recovered one year later.

Ten years later, after a car accident which immobilised Lucia for 40 days, a recently acquainted therapist advised her to try craniosacral therapy. Lucia found this treatment increasingly effective, not only for her painful neck, but also for her legs which had been very stiff ever since the accident.

Pleased with the results, she decided to train and become a craniosacral therapist herself.

From March 2000, and for the following three years, she attended several seminars held in Padova by Antonio Magrin, a teacher who currently works all over Europe and who has been a pupil of John E. Upledger, one of the pioneers of craniosacral technique.

In 2006, in order to develop her touch sensitivity, Lucia attended a two-year programme held near Lake Orta (Novara) and in Vetan (Aosta) by Professor Huarache Mamami, a South American Indian “curandero” (healer) and writer who has been living in Europe since 1996 to spread knowledge of his culture and experience.