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How do treatments work?

You usually lie on a massage bed, fully clothed, and experience a very soft touch given by the therapist.

Treatments include several manipulation techniques, all soft and non-invasive; the level of pressure used to induce or solicit movements does not exceed 5-10 grams.

Your body is motionless and in a comfortable position. Some might feel a state of deep relaxation, or a sense of warmth, or perceive something pulsating or moving inside the body, and so forth.

By using hands, the therapist feels what is happening in the client’s body, and is able to spot and release the tensions and the pain that are locked inside.

Craniosacral treatments are guided by the clients themselves: it is their body that sets the working rhythm, so they are at their ease and can feel and integrate the changes as they occur.

In this state of homeostasis, the slightest movement may feel much bigger, and the soft manipulation, pressure, and facilitation provided by the therapist’s hands slowly lead to a feeling of deep calm, tranquillity, and a sense of peace that can be defined in many ways: one of deep relaxation, of the brain’s alpha rhythm, or of the feeling one experiences when surrendering to sleep, and all thoughts and body tensions subside.


Relaxation is how the body responds when it tunes in with its own craniosacral rhythm. Treatments employ this to balance and realign the structures of our body.

The therapist’s hands, which are trained to feel even the lightest movements (cranial bones move with an amplitude of a few microns), encourage the craniosacral rhythm to spread and echo everywhere.